WEBCAST: Demo Webcast: Manage more than your budget; Use a law firm evaluation app to manage performance
Date/Time Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 4:30 PM GMT/UTC
Duration 30 Minutes

How satisfied are corporate legal departments with the business value they get for the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent with outside counsel? In recent years, corporate teams have focused more than ever on managing the costs associated with legal services, putting pressure on fees and investing in process improvement and technology. Meanwhile understanding the business value delivered by outside partners has proven far more elusive.  By quantifying performance, QualMet provides in-house counsel with the tools to define, drive, and demonstrate continuous growth in business value. QualMet’s on-line performance management platform makes quantifying, sharing and tracking value refreshingly straightforward and simple for in-house counsel and law firms alike.  
Come and see how QualMet’s solution will deliver higher levels of business value for your corporation.  


James H. Beckett, CEO 

Rolf Povan, VP of Marketing & Operations