WEBCAST: Levelling the Playing Field - Intelligent Parsing of 3rd Party Contracts
Date/Time Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM GMT/UTC
Duration 60 Minutes
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While contracts have always been important for businesses, the connected and ever shrinking world has brought them into sharper focus. Clear and unambiguous contracts are a necessity, yet not every organization has reached the level to draft such tight agreements.

While we strive for tighter, clearer contracts, the insertion of third party paper into our well-structured drafting and approval process may be disruptive. Implementing a solution that embraces third party contracts, that digests and compartmentalizes individual clauses, and facilitates comparisons and risk profiling can lead to greater efficiency and smoother collaborations within and external to the organization.

The session will be beneficial for anyone involved in the building or negotiation of contracts for their organizations, including legal, contract and sales professionals.


Arthur Raguette, EVP, Ultria


Victor Morales, Legal Resources Manager, ACC


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