WEBCAST: ACC Foundation: A Guide to Recognizing and Addressing Your Implicit Biases
Date/Time Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM GMT/UTC
Duration 90 Minutes

This course is an overall survey of how unconscious and implicit biases impact interactions and decision making in the legal profession and in legal workplaces. The speaker will cover the basic principles of unconscious biases and explore their influence on the ways in which we think, work and lead. Participants will leave the course with the ability to recognize and understand unconscious and implicit biases, the tools to distinguish between the various biases that could be impacting their work and workplace interactions, and the ability to interrupt their biases to better serve their clients while creating and contributing to a more inclusive workplace.

The course will bring together substantive research and findings from many disciplines to focus primarily on the ways in which this research impacts legal workplaces and how attorneys can actively identify and address the biases as they relate to their professional conduct and the promotion of an inclusive and diverse workforce. Participants will also specifically develop a deeper awareness of bias and learn strategies to address unconscious incivility, miscommunication, and misconception in the practice of law; be that lawyer to lawyer, lawyer to client, or lawyer to judge.


Dr. Arin N. Reeves, Nextions


This presentation is free and not available for CLE/CPD credit.