Legal Quick Hit: Now We Have a Policy, How Do We Find All of Our GDPR Data?
Date/Time Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 7:00 PM GMT/UTC
Duration 60 Minutes
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In many ways, creating your GDPR Data Protection Policy is the easy part. As the May deadline approaches,  the real work begins on finding all your Privacy Data not only in databases but also GDPR content scattered across file shares, desktops and other storage repositories around the world.  In this LegalQuickHit Contoural experts Tom Mighell and Greg Forest will discuss real-world strategies and processes for identifying, classifying and securing large amounts of not only structured GDPR data, but also unstructured and semi-structured content. While many companies have addressed sensitive data in databases, this “last mile” of unstructured and semi-structured GDPR compliance may be the hardest.


Tom Mighell, Esq.,Vice President, Service Delivery

Greg Forest, Cheif Technical Officer, Contoural




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 Please note this presentation will take place during a regularly scheduled committee call and has not been accredited for CLE/CPD credit.


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