WEBCAST: Demo: From Stale to Scale - Itís Time To Reimagine Buying Outside Legal Services (And Bury The Painful RFP Process Once And For All)
Date/Time Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 5:00 PM GMT/UTC
Duration 60 Minutes

Presented and Sponsored by Persuit
Buying outside legal services is outdated and frustrating! Legal teams have relied on traditional RFP methods - emails, spreadsheets, and yesterdayís procurement tools - that are clunky, designed for buying widgets, and a burden on a teamís capacity (and happiness!). In addition, more and more executives are asking legal teams to adopt a ďdo more, with lessĒ mindset pushing to improve performance, maintain quality, and lower outside counsel spend. This shift is requiring legal teams to reevaluate stale processes and adopt a profit center mindset.

Join our speaker for a practical discussion on:

  • Whatís at risk if I donít change and adopt a new mindset?
  • How you can I lower costs while maintaining quality?
  • What can I do to increase my teamís capacity on high-value work?
  • How can I reduce risk with firm selection by bringing data to the table?
  • Is it important to reorganize from relationship-driven - to - data driven?
  • Will firm relationships be at risk?

Jim Delkousis, CEO, PERSUIT
Joseph Otterstetter, Managing Counsel & Associate General Counsel, 3M


This presentation is free and accessible to the public.