WEBCAST: Top Issues in Franchise Litigation
Date/Time Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 5:00 PM GMT/UTC
Duration 60 Minutes
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Presented by ACC's Litigation Committee and Sponsored by Gray Plant Mooty
The webcast will focus on the hot button issues franchisors are currently dealing with and that have been the subject of litigation for the past year. Franchising disputes have varied from whether a franchisor is a joint employer to whether a particular distribution system is a franchise and thus it is obligated to comply with federal and state franchise laws.

In particular, the webcast will highlight the following franchise matters:

  1. the accidental franchisor;
  2. financial performance representations;
  3. joint employer issues;
  4. termination issues (including enforcing post-termination obligations); and
  5. data security.

Iris Rosario, Principal, Gray Plant Mooty


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