WEBCAST: Three Steps GCs Can Take to Mitigate GDPR Exposure
Date/Time Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 4:00 PM GMT/UTC
Duration 60 Minutes
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For most organizations, the greatest threat of the General Data Protection Regulation isn’t the potential fines – it’s the tidal wave of complaints, investigations, litigation and settlements it will trigger.  Even with the best compliance efforts, companies still face potential financial and reputational exposure, especially in a world where data volumes, connectivity, mobility, and risks continue to increase.
So what else can GCs do to protect their organization’s from the inevitable GDPR fallout?
We’ve brought together a panel of experts to shed light on three steps GCs can take to mitigate GDPR exposure:

  1. Be “Investigation Ready.” A visit from the Data Protection Authorities is nearly inevitable due to a complaint or other incident.  We will discuss ways companies can avoid missteps and insulate themselves during an investigation.
  2. Know Your Third-Parties. Third-party processors are your weakest link and most likely source of a violation/complaint. We will outline an effective process for assessing processors to demonstrate compliance and evidence of controls with DPAs.   
  3. Have the right Insurance. Coverage for GDPR liabilities requires careful analysis.  We will review a GDPR insurance checklist and discuss the vital protections it can provide from potential losses arising from a regulatory violation.

Join this live webcast to learn how you can get ahead of GDPR risks and protect your company.


Judy Selby, Principal, Judy Selby Consulting LLC
Rebecca Perry, Director - Professional Services, Jordan Lawrence
Susanna McDonald,Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Association of Corporate Counsel
Ken Wittenauer
, Associate General Counsel, Husqvarna


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